Hi I'm Stephanie, I'm in my sweet 20s and currently head of Media and Communications in London. Despite creative production being a part of my day job, I now have the sudden urge to take it to another level and incorporate the love of creativity into my personal life. I have a soft spot for photography and filming and I've always had a passion to write. 

I'm looking forward to documenting my creative journey through my 'revamped' blog and get back into the things I love. Stay tuned as I'll be touching on so many topics, style, beauty and general tips for a healthy and natural lifestyle. I create home made products for healthy hair and skin and I'm excited to share the many tips that have worked for me so far, as well as general finance and shopping tips which have really impacted my way of life. Not to forget a whole load of motivational and self-evaluation posts, there is so much to talk about and this is exactly what sbsnapxdiary (Stephanie Banya Snaps) is all about!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you stick around. 


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